ViewMC - FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

1). Why doesn't my skin/username show up? Chances are the account is still being cached in our backend. Simply refresh the page and it should pop right up within a short period of time! 2). How can I change my Minecraft username? In order to change your Minecraft username, you must follow these steps: - Go to, and then login with your credentials. - Besides your username, click the green “Change” button. - Set the username you have decided on within the box, then confirm by entering your password once more. - Then click the green button “Change Name” and then bingo you are all set! 3). I changed my username and wish to change it again, how long do I need to wait? You may change your username every 30 days. 4). I changed my username and wish to change it back again, how long do I need to wait? You can change your username every 30 days. Anyone else will have to wait 37 days to claim your username. 5). I picked a username that says it is available, but it is not allowing me to change it, why? Typically this happens when Mojang Studios have blocked the name, as of right now there is no way to indicate it. 6). Can I remove my name history from the website? If you wish to remove name history, you must purchase the “God” rank from our store. Please note that there are other methods for finding out past name history. Mojang themselves have released a method for the public to find out this information. 7). I have a problem with my Minecraft account, can you help me? We are not affiliated with Mojang Studios. If you have any issues with your account, be sure to contact Mojang Studios directly. 8). I have a problem with a purchase, how do I contact support? If you have a problem with a purchase, please contact support at [email protected] Please be prepared to provide a transaction ID, as well as the date you purchased the item. 9). What are badges, and how do I achieve one? Badges are something you can show off to the whole community! Each badge is unique in it’s own way and can be achieved through events, purchasing on the store and more! 10). How do I link my account to the website? Simply join and run the /link command in chat!